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Loadifications can truly change the way you do business and change your world. However, just like at the beginning of any new relationship, things take a bit of time for you to get to know each other. As you enter routes, ACD becomes more familiar with you and is able to suggest better loads for your truck.

In addition to merely adding a single route, consider adding stopping points within your route. Not sure why?

Example: Thanks to our friend, Google, we can see that there are three main routes to get from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA.

However, when you add in the facts that you always want to stop and see your mom in Kansas City when you get the chance and you have a car to deliver in Oklahoma, you probably don’t want Loadifications for Denver. As your relationship with Loadifications goes on, it gets stronger.

Set up your detailed routes to make Loadifications better for you today.

Not sure how to set up a route? Click here.